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Serving the

Monterey Peninsula & Salinas Valley Since 1996

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About Us

Teacher and Student

Carmel Academics is a local consultant and tutoring company that works with students struggling in a wide variety of subject areas in a respectful way. We meet our objective, improving academic performance, by providing subject specific individualized instruction, close communication with the teacher and school, weekly feedback for parents, goal setting, and confidence building. We serve both the Monterey Peninsula as well as the Salinas Valley.


Founder and director, Rachel Irvine Schmidt, has been working on the peninsula as a teacher and as a private tutor since 1996. She holds a double major BA degree in both Liberal Studies and in Spanish. Additionally, she has three different credentials in Bilingual Elementary Education (BCLAD), Spanish, and an administrative credential. She has also earned her Masters Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision. She works with students as well as with her tutors to ensure successful experiences for all. The team is caring, patient and proud of its work. Bright Horizons is compliant with the California Teaching Standards and Framework.

How It Works

How It Works

Tutoring Options

One on One Private Tutoring, small groups also available based on ability and level. We also offer individually designed instruction in subject areas of interest.

Flexible Schedules

We offer flexible schedules that are convenient for you and are available to meet at your home, library, or any other convenient location. Sessions can be weekly, semiweekly, or biweekly.

Convenient Locations

If our location in downtown Carmel is not convenient for you then we will accommodate your needs. We are available to meet at your home, library, or any other location that may work for you.

Competitive Rates

We offer competitive rates for both group and individual studies as well as test and exam preps. Flexible payment options that lets you choose either hourly or monthly payment options. 


What Happy

Students &

Parents Say

“I was stunned at how much my daughter and her tutor accomplished together. They worked from start to finish and my daughter ended up getting an ‘A.’”

- Notre Dame Mother

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