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What Happy

Parents Say

“I was stunned at how much my daughter and her tutor accomplished together. They worked from start to finish and my daughter ended up getting an ‘A.’” 

-Notre Dame mother

“Rachel is a great tutor! Her enthusiasm for teaching and helping kids is contagious. She is so positive and supportive.”

-Carmel High School mother

“This has been a very successful experience for us. My child has never had these types of results!”

-Carmel High School father

“I would recommend Bright Horizons to any parent who wants his or her child to succeed.”

-Palma parent

“My grandson ended up with a ‘B’ in Spanish, which I thank Mrs. Schmidt for.”

-Palma guardian/grandparent

“Our Bright Horizons tutor helped our son improve his organization, follow-through, study skills and helped him realize his true potential.”

-Carmel High School father

“I really appreciated the weekly progress reports. It helped us know what our daughter had to work on for the next tutoring session. This tutoring experience far exceeded my expectations!”

“You are wonderful!  You inspired my son to work hard and achieve his true potential!  Thank you, thank you! 

-RLS mother

-RLS parent

“Thanks f or your dedications and follow-up.  Our son couldn’t have done it without you.”

–Carmel High School parents

“We are very thankful for your help.”  

–Tularcitos mother

“Instruction was excellent!  Our tutor had a great way of relating to her students.  It helped to make the sessions less like a punishment.  I think it motivated my daughter even more.”

–Monterey High School mother

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