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What Happy

Students Say

"I looked forward to my sessions. They gave me the confidence I needed."

"I raised both my grades in geometry and in Spanish."

"I earned a strong "A" which I haven't accomplished in my last three years of high school."

"I learned at my pace. I went from a “F” to a “B-.“"

"My tutor explained everything just the right way. He was also very positive when he talked to me (and my parents!)."

"Tutoring in Spanish has helped me very much. I not only got better grades, but I am more confident in myself."

"I found my tutor’s help to be very useful in helping me get through my difficult classes."

"Rachel and the rest of the Bright Horizons group are dedicated and very much behind their students 110%!"

"Bright Horizons helped me achieve my goal and then some!  I started with Bright Horizons with a “C-“ and ended the year with a “B+/A-.” 

Thanks for all the help; I couldn’t have done it without you!"

"My tutors rocked!"

"I earned a strong “A.”"

"Both of my tutors made me feel confident and befriended me at the same time."

"The tutors worked at my pace completely."

"Both of my tutors made learning the subject fun and easy."

"I enjoyed working with my Bright Horizons tutor.  My tutor made me enjoy learning the material.  Her techniques provided me with the chance to thrive in my class."

"I feel I learned at a pace I felt comfortable with.  We never moved on until I fully understood a topic, which was necessary in achieving the goals of the next chapter."

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